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Halloween Beaded Bookmark with Tiny Bat Bead and Bat Charm

Halloween Beaded Bookmark with Tiny Bat Bead and Bat Charm

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This beaded bookmark is made with a tiny bat bead that has the cutest little fangs you've ever seen! Suspended from the bookmark is a metal bat charm, adding an extra touch of spooky whimsy to your reading adventures. Also handcrafted with a glass red heart bead, this unique accessory is the perfect companion for any book lover or vampire enthusiast. Let this bewitching bookmark add a touch of magic to your reading journey.

Use the size menu to choose length of your bookmark. This is just for the part that will fit inside the book and does not include any larger beads, charms or pendants on the ends. Refer to photos for example.

If you're unsure:

7 inches fits some small planners and the mass market paperback books that are the smallest popular books available.

11-14 inches is usually for oversized books, speciality books, etc.

9-10 inches is perfect for most popular mainstream fiction and nonfiction.

Monitor and screen differences could result in slight color differences.

This item is not made until you order. Current processing time is 7 business days and takes into account the amount of orders ahead of yours.

If ordering where there is no option for length, such as directly from Facebook Shop, Instagram or Shopify Shop app, the default length will be 10 inches, which is the most popular size and fits most books.


Czech and other glass beads, charms, handmade picture pendants.


See drop down menu for your custom length needs.

Care information

Beaded bookmarks should be treated as you would jewelry. Do not pull. If silver plated, you may need to polish occasionally with soft cloth.

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